Raspberry Pi-powered home lighting

29th April 2017

programming react-native python

Have a spare raspberry pi? Why not follow in my footsteps and build your own pi-powered garish multi-coloured lighting system, all controlled via a companion android app?!

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Scraping Google Earth View

19th April 2016

programming python

I'm currently working on a desktop app, written in Electron, that will allow users to set desktop backgrounds from various sources such as Flickr, Google Art Project etc.

I recently stumbled across Google Earth View and thought this would be perfect as another source. With a bit of research I discovered that sadly they have no open API.

However, let's take a look at the site and see where these images are coming from.

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Using Poet as a Blog Generator

18th April 2016

programming node

So I decided to finally get around to writing some blog posts.

I'm using Poet as a blog generator, which has plugged nicely into my existing node application. I simply add markdown posts to a directory along with some metadata and Poet handily converts these into markup which can then be simply be passed to HTML views.

An example blog post looks like this:

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