An app for macOS and Windows for setting fine art as your desktop background.

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An electron-based desktop app for macOS and Windows that will set a new piece of fine art as your desktop background every day. The app also provides the ability to purchase a reproduction print of any artwork you like via the website. The app and website are powered by an API that sits on top a custom curated database of Artists/Artworks and >250GB of art. All the planning, designing and development of the app and website are done by me, as well as the creating of the art database and the curation of featured artworks.

Electron Node ReactJS ElasticSearch MongoDB Shopify Amazon S3 Redis Heroku Stripe

Parallax Watercolours

Applying parallax effects to watercolouring.

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Combining two of my hobbies - painting and web development - an expermient in applying parallax effects to watercolour painting. On desktops, use your mouse to change the scene perspective, on mobile, move your phone.

Brushes Paper Watercolours CSS3 Javascript

A map-based web app for discovering the world's mountains.

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A web application for browsing the mountains of the world using Google Maps. Zoom and pan around the map to find significant peaks in an area or use the search box to find a mountain. Click a marker to reveal information about each mountain, and click through to the full page view to find further information and discussion.

AngularJS MongoDB ElasticSearch Google Maps API Freebase API Heroku

Break Timer

Chrome Extension for managing periodic breaks.

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Break Timer allows you to set up customizable breaks and will remind you to take them. Taking breaks whilst working or studying is crucial in preventing RSI, eye-strain and tiredness.


Reddit Comment Collapser

A more elegant solution for collapsing reddit comment trees

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Collapse a comment and all of it's replies by clicking on the column of the comment you wish to collapse. No longer get stuck in the middle of a huge comment chain - simply select the outermost column to collapse the whole top-level-comment.



A simple client for instant, open chat.

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A real-time chat client that provides a single open space for real-time, non-persistent communication. Simply choose a username, drag your icon over to your friends' and chat away! Unless you have no friends ... in which case try opening two windows!

jQuery socket.IO